Monument to Alexander Nevsky at Transfiguration Cathedral

Monument to Alexander Nevsky at Transfiguration Cathedral
«Monument to Alexander Nevsky at Transfiguration Cathedral»

The monument to Prince Alexander Nevsky (1220-1263), the greatest Russian hero in history from medieval times, stands in ancient town Pereslavl-Zalessky in front of the cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Christ on the Red Square, the local historical square located on the area of former kremlin (fortress) surrounded with earthen ramparts.

Commonly regarded as a key figure of medieval Rus', Alexander - the grandson of Vsevolod the Big Nest - rose to legendary status on account of his military victories over German and Swedish invaders while agreeing to pay tribute to the powerful Golden Horde. He was proclaimed as a saint of the Russian Orthodox Church by Metropolitan Macarius in 1547. The legendary Russian commander was born in Pereslavl and baptized in this ancient cathedral built in white stone between 1152 and 1157 years. Transfiguration Cathedral is the great monument of pre-Mongol Russian architecture, one of oldest churches of the so-called “The Golden Ring of Russia” survived until the present time. It is included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage.

Photo #374 taken on June 08, 2014 in Perslavl-Zalessky during one day extended countryside tour with my Dear client from USA, Jan Squires.

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