Festive Museum of the Flat Irons in Old Merchant’s House

Festive Museum of the Flat Irons in Old Merchant’s House
«Festive Museum of the Flat Irons in Old Merchant’s House»

This is the view from the main road in historical center of Pereslav-Zalessky, Sovetskaya street, on the festive with its colors and signs old merchant’s house where located on the second floor private museum of Flat Irons, one of kind in Russia. The fence of the house is painted in bright colors with some funny signs to attract people to come into museum. The museum’s collection is very impressive and includes more than 200 irons made in Russia, Germany and Poland between 17th and 20th centuries.

In this unique museum the irons are sorted on display (shelves on the walls) depending in principle of operation and weight. For example, the smallest one weight just 10 grams, but the biggest iron is real heavy, about 10 kilos! A local qualified guide will entertain you with interesting facts and funny jokes from the “life of irons”. The ground floor of this festive building occupies by gift shop where visitors can buy local souvenirs.

Photo #1091 taken on June 08, 2013 during long distance countryside tour to cities of the Golden Ring of Russia.


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