Golden Domes of Assumption Cathedral (Moscow Kremlin)

Golden Domes of Assumption Cathedral (Moscow Kremlin)
«Golden Domes of Assumption Cathedral (Moscow Kremlin)»

View from Ivan Square on the magnificent Cathedral of the Assumption (Dormition cathedral, Uspensky Sobor) with beautiful golden helmet domes framed by trees. The eastern wall of the cathedral has three semicircular gables with ancient frescoes on a biblical theme. The majestic cathedral of Assumption was the main church of the Russian state for a period of 500 years. Grand princes were ordained, appanage princes swore their oaths of allegiance, and tsars and emperors were crown here. The importance of the cathedral in the political and religious life on the Russian nation defined the special attention paid to its architecture and interior décor. The main church of Moscow kremlin was built in 1475-1479 on the model of Assumption cathedral in Vladimir by the famous Italian engineer and architect from Bologna, who received a personal invitation from Grand Duke of Moscow Ivan III The Great especially for this purpose.

Photo #027 taken on June 09, 2014 during tour of cathedrals and grounds of Moscow Kremlin with my Dear client from USA, Jan Squires.

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