Refectory with the Church of St. Sergius

By the end of the 17th century the number of the monks considerably grew and the old Refectory couldn't satisfy the needs of the monastery. Instead of it, a new very large building of the Refectoiry with the church dedicated to St. Sergius was erected by order of Peter I in 1686-1692 as thanks from the Tsar for the monastery where he twice took refuge when he was young.

The 85 meter long building of the new Refectory became the biggest and only one in Russia covered hall without intermediate supports (pillars). When the Tsar came on a pilgrimage to the Lavra, after the festive services, solemn banquets were held in this refectory hall. The church of St. Sergius that joins the Refectory was consecrated by Patriarch Adrian, the last prerevolutionary Patriarch of Russia, in memory of the 300th anniversary since St. Sergius' death. The church building catches the eye with the four-color design of its facade, creating the illusion of faceted relief-work, as well as with the richness of its elaborate colorful stucco and carvings.

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