Tray "Krasnaya Gorka" (The Beautiful Hill)

Tray "Krasnaya Gorka" (The Beautiful Hill)
«Tray "Krasnaya Gorka" (The Beautiful Hill)»

The beautiful tray of size 67x53 cm (26,3x20,8 in) with bullfinches on a blue background by talented artist Mikhail Bychkov from the museum of the Zhostovo factory. The tray showing pair birds in love in the middle with their friends in a circle was painted in spring 2012 before the marriage of the artist. The leading artists of the factory found themselves in the images of the bullfinches in the circle.

Krasnaya Gorka (The Beautiful Hill) is the ancient Russian spring holiday celebrating on the first Sunday after Easter.

Mikhail Bychkov was born in the village of Zhostovo, studied at the Fedoskino School of Miniature Painting. At the factory since 1986. The continuer of the family dynasty. His works are distinguished by the traditionality of the painting, the purity of the performance, author's design of colors and compositions in general.

Photo #316 taken on April 14, 2018 during countryside tour to Fedoskino and Zhostovo with my dear client from USA (Spain), Antonio Rufin.

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