Tsar Bell Framed by Street Lamp

Tsar Bell Framed by Street Lamp
«Tsar Bell Framed by Street Lamp»

View of the 6-meter tall Tsar Bell (Russian: Tsar-kolokol) with a broken piece framed by a street lamp on display on the grounds of the Moscow Kremlin at the Ivan the Great Bell Tower.

The bell also known as the Tsarsky Kolokol, Tsar Kolokol III, or Royal Bell was cast in 1733-1735 by the casting-masters Ivan Motorin and his son Mikhail on orders of Empress Anna Ivanovna, niece of Peter the Great. It weight is about 200 tons, height is 6,14 m, and the diameter is 6,6 m. The bell was made from tin bronze - the kind routinely used to make bells - with some admixtures and other metals. However, in May 1737, it was broken after a major fire broke out in the Kremlin before the last ornamentation on its surface was completed. The weight of the broken piece is about 11 tons. In the summer of 1836, the Tsar Bell was raised up from the molding pit and placed on the stone pedestal by French architect Auguste de Montferrand (also built the famous Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg).

Photo #347 taken on March 15, 2020 during tour of Moscow Kremlin with my Dear clients from Australia, Jeff and Helen Wiltshire.

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