= Metro Train at Dynamo Station = The view of metro train ready to depart from metro station Dynamo. It was built in 1938 and at one time it was the deepest station in the Moscow Metro (41 meters). The side sections of the pylons are brought forward to look like free-standing square supports with bronze capitals. There is no shared cornice joining the supporting parts. Globular light fittings hang at the points where the “vaults” intersect. The middle sections of the pylons are the most profiled. They have benches cut into them, the backs of which are faced with Biyuk-Yankoy marble in the Florentine mosaic technique and panels of onyx lit from with-in. The greyish-red Tagil marble facing the outer sides of the pylons did not have the required effect, however: it made the station seem too dark and, in spite of all the stratagems, somewhat heavy. Nevertheless, Dynamo metro station is a favorite with geologists (it is faced with no less than seven types of marble), and paleontologists, as the marble contains fossilized colonies of corals, archaeocyathus and even murex, a kind of shellfish that yields a purple dye used in Ancient Rome to dye the Imperial togas. Photo #009 taken on April 02, 2017 during tour of Moscow Metro with my dear client from Belgium, Bert Nys. ©2017 by Arthur Lookyanov

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