Savelovskaya metro station of the Big Ring Line (BRL) was opened on December 30, 2018. The construction of the Savelovskaya metro station (formerly called Nizhnyaya Maslovka) began in March 2012. Pylon, three-vaulted, with an island-type platform 163 meters long and 19 meters wide, it has become one of the deepest and most difficult BRL stations in construction (laying depth - over 65 meters).

The design of the station is in gray. On the platform is visible "skeleton" of the station - tubing. The new station Savyolovskaya BKL is a kind of museum, because nowhere else in the capital will you see such a design of a metro station. This idea is unique in its own way. Many already call the "Savelovskaya" station in the Loft style. On the floor - granite, pylons, and walls are decorated with marble from Siberia. In the architectural design used light elements on the pylons and LED backlight. Together, they are designed to create a sense of the depth of space. The central part of the vault is decorated with a lentil-shaped lamp.

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