The Sense of Space and Airiness in the Central Hall

The Sense of Space and Airiness in the Central Hall
«The Sense of Space and Airiness in the Central Hall»

The sense of space and airiness in the central hall of the deep-level Elektrozavodskaya metro station is due to the numerous light bulbs on the ceiling. The appearance of the station was originally connected with the Moscow Electricity Plan (now the Moscow Electric Light Plant).

Work the station stopped with the outbreak of the war, but was restarted in a war time around 1943. The main theme of its initial decor changed. The architects decided the walls of the central and track halls should be decorated with high reliefs on the theme of the operational and home fronts in the Great Patriotic War. To make the deep-level station look lighter, the architects did not have recourse to the traditional stratagems. Its construction is extremely simple and no one is trying to hide the pylons. The scene of lightness and space is the result of maximum lighting. There are 282 light bulbs on the ceiling in circular caissons. There are just ordinary bulbs like the ones the girls at the Electricity Plant are making in Motovilov's relief. The bright light makes the light-colored Lopota marble facing the central hall pylons and the chequered floor of grey granite and pinkish-yellow Biyuk-Yankoy marble shine. There are bronze ventilation grilles on either side of each relief. Photo #024 taken on November 05, 2015 ©2015 by Arthur Lookyanov


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