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Short Introduction: Personal guided photography tours in Moscow, Russia. Flexible service and fees according to client’s individual interests. Professional photographer and guide with extensive experience offering personalised city and countryside tours in and around Moscow for the discerning traveller. Availability 365 days per year /24 hours / 7 days per week. Advance bookings preferred.

Moscow Street and Architecture Photography

Approaching Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge

«Approaching Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge» - See picture in River Cruise album

Moscow in the past 10 years has blossomed into one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and is currently ranked the fourth best Capital in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, only surpassed by London, Paris and Berlin. With her beautiful streets, squares, parks and cityscapes, and exquisitely decorated Metro stations, Moscow surprises with her dramatic contrasts of historic and modern architectural styles to give endless opportunities to capture breathtaking photographs in any season and at any time of day.

Panorama of Park Zaryadye in Early Sunny Spring Day

«Approaching Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge» - See picture in Moscow State University album

Your Moscow Photographic Tour can be tailored to any interests and preferences, exploring both the iconic and lesser known secrets of my magnificent city by private car (Honda CR-V) or via the Moscow Metro system, depending on traffic or convenience. Tours can easily be adjusted on the spot to allow for weather conditions or other circumstances, and typically last for 8 hours.

Panorama of Park Zaryadye in Early Sunny Spring Day
«Approaching Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge» - See picture in Zaryadye Park album

Tour themes and preferences can range from historical sites and landmarks, to Soviet architecture, including the seven Stalinist high-rises, exceptional Orthodox monasteries and churches, or parks, streets, squares and statues in central Moscow and surrounding areas. Please contact me so we can discuss the details before your trip.

Magnificent Assumption Cathedral framed by Trees

«AMagnificent Assumption Cathedral framed by Trees» - See picture in album Moscow Kremlin

To experience the beauty of historical Russian architecture, I highly recommend visiting the famous Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, and St. Basil’s Cathedral. From the new Zaryadye Park you will capture beautiful cityscapes, and from Sparrow Hill or the embankments of the Moskova River and various bridges around the Capital you will experience the beautiful panoramas of the Moscow Kremlin and the breathtaking Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Visiting the Novodevichy Convent, the Triumphal Gate and Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill, the skyline of the new financial district Moskva-city, the White house, Bolshoy Theater and former KGB buildings, Tverskaya and Old Arbat streets to name just a few will make your photo tour of Moscow unique, original and unforgettable.

Moscow Night Photo Tour

Passing by the Kremlin Towers at Twilight

«Passing by the Kremlin Towers at Twilight» - See picture in album Night Moscow

Explore the magic of Moscow city after dark. Master long exposure photography, and capture some truly exceptional views of the best sites and attractions that the Russian capital has to offer.

Taking Pictures on Patriarchy Bridge at Night

«Taking Pictures on Patriarchy Bridge at Night» - See picture in album Dear Clients

This Night-time Photographic Tour will provide you with a personalised trip around the famous and brightly lit streets, squares and buildings of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. If you are unfamiliar or inexperienced at night photography, during this personalised private three-four hour tour, I can teach you the fundamentals for capturing beautiful night time images by mastering some of the more challenging elements of photography. As it’s not often practical to carry a lot of photographic equipment when you are travelling, I can even loan you a tripod if necessary.

Taking Pictures on Patriarchy Bridge at Night

«Car Lights of Moving Traffic at Revamped Kremlin Embankment» - See picture in album Night Moscow

Whether you’re a novice, a hobbyist, or have years of experience, I will endeavour to find superb photographic opportunities for all types of interests, depending on the available time, weather conditions and time of year. Take advantage of your personalised tour to develop your own creative vision while receiving practical tips on photographing subjects in low light and with long exposures. Capture memorable moments of not only the iconic landmarks of the Moscow Kremlin or Red Square, but also the stream of car headlights and the blurred passing of boats on the Moscow River as seen from different vantage points around the city.

The Heavenly Kingdom on Red Square at Spring Twilight

«The Heavenly Kingdom on Red Square at Spring Twilight» - See picture in album Night Moscow

There is no doubt that twilight is when many photographers love to take photos, however the soft light can provide challenges for producing really good results, so I highly recommend commencing your tour well before twilight in order to be ready to capture your favourite subjects when the lights are on, but the sky has not yet become dark.

Moscow Portrait

In Background of Kremlin Embankment

«In Background of Kremlin Embankment» - See picture in album My Dear Clients

During our sightseeing tours in and around Moscow you will visit the most picturesque attractions of the city; famous parks, countryside estates and the many gems of the Golden Ring of Russia. As a professional photographer I will be happy to take beautiful pictures of you in the foreground of Russia’s many famous locations using my Nikon D700 camera. No matter what time or day or location, I will always have my camera and tripod on hand to capture your most memorable moments in Russia.

Let’s Take It Home!

«Let’s Take It Home!» - See picture in Moscow Fun album

Over the years I have established a solid reputation with my clients who range from individuals and families to business people of all ages and nationalities. I can always be relied upon to find the perfect location for a great photo session, and over the years have taken thousands of portraits and fun photos. My clients love my work and appreciate the fact that their private English speaking guide and driver is also a professional photographer.

At Christmas Market Booth with Medovukha
«At Christmas Market Booth with Medovukha» - See picture in Moscow Fun album

During our sightseeing and photography tours we can also enjoy lunch, or just take a short break to rest or warm up over a cup of coffee (especially in the Winter season).

Moscow photographer, guide and driver Arthur Lookyanov
«Arthur Lookyanov - Your personal Photographer, Guide and Driver in Moscow, Russia» - See picture in My Portfolio Album

So, what are you waiting for – let me take you on an adventurous photographic journey to capture your time in spectacular Moscow!

Contact me today to talk about booking your sightseeing and photography tour in Russia’s amazing capital!

With warmest regards,
Arthur Lookyanov
Your personal Photographer, Guide, and Driver in Moscow, Russia
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