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Belarus National Library

«Belarus National Library» - See photo in Gallery
 As a Soviet republic Belarus was the western gates into the USSR and therefore after the WWII it was restored accordingly. The veterans of the good Soviet Intourist agency recall today that as a tourist destination Belarus was only the first sight of a long itinerary that eventually took foreigners far behind the Iron Curtain. Now that there is no more curtain and the large country itself, Belarus has to focus on its own tourism promotion strategy.

In spite of the efforts of the government agencies in this field, Belarus is not frequently featured on the itineraries of individual travelers. People skip Belarus because of the Cold War era stereotypes about lousy service and lack of tourist attractions. Visa hurdles seem unbearable for travelers who are not used to any kinds of borders. Finally, many people won’t even find the country on the map and will probably add Russia near the Belarusian address on an envelope.

As a matter of fact, it is very simple to travel to Belarus, especially on a tourist visa – all you have to do is to book a hotel or an apartment through a registered travel agency and send it to any Consulate of Belarus across the world. And why take such pains?

Directly you arrive in Belarus, you notice that this former Communist country features modern roads (better than those in the neighbor countries!), efficient public transport and modern cities with hotels ranging from three to five stars and lots of tourist attractions.

Unfortunately, the WWII saw to the destruction of many of its grand values and today the sights dedicated to the war attract most of the tourists from all over the world. The Brest Fortress and Hatyn Village are the top sights here. A lot of people, especially from the USA, Canada and Australia mount a trip to Belarus to trace their family roots. Several waves of immigration in the early 20 century now bring the visitors to the most remote corners of Belarus bringing the grandchildren to the birthplaces of graves of their ancestors.

Another highlight of a tour to Belarus is the culture of its hospitable and industrious people that hasn’t been erased by the turbulent events of the past. The best place to see the folk architecture near Minsk is the Ozertso Village museum where wooden houses and churches from around Belarus have been arranged into streets. And it is also the right place to taste delicious Belarusian draniki! Unspoiled Belarusian nature will make a perfect background of your trip and you may even feel like visiting one of the country’s natural reserves.

Working on your Belarus travel itinerary you may want some information on getting a Belarus tourist visa, perfecting your tailored tour itinerary or getting around within the country. All your Belarus travel questions are already answered on a website of a private Minsk guide. Whatever questions you may have, whatever Minsk tours you would like to know about – do not hesitate to make an e-mail inquiry!

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 Belarus National Library
«Belarus National Library» - See photo in Gallery
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