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On Festival of Light, Music and Water
«On Festival of Light, Music and Water» - See photo in Gallery

Before I tell you anything else, I’d like to explain exactly how I got into a Moscow private tour guide business. So, I graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1995 as an engineer. Following my graduation, I attempted to get a job related to my degree, but during that time my country was in a deep financial crisis making it impossible to secure the position I wanted. However, my job search came to an end after I joined a travel company to work as a personal driver. Working for this travel company allowed me to gain an invaluable driving experience needed to successfully navigate through the maze of Moscow streets and know the city’s traffic patterns and shortcuts.

Tools of the Trade

View of Moscow Kremlin from Zamoskvorechye
«View of Moscow Kremlin from Zamoskvorechye» - See picture in Moscow Cityscapes album

My first tool is the ability to communicate fluently in English. It is an important feature since anyone traveling to Moscow would feel more secure knowing that they are being understood loud and clear. I took English classes at school and additionally have studied colloquial English with an instructor that was a native American speaker. So far, all my clients have been completely satisfied with my pronunciation and understanding of English. Constant interaction with the international guests sightseeing in Moscow further helps me improve my English skills and better understand the needs of my clients since my motto is to provide truly personal services with a 100% individualized program. You can learn more about my work ethics by checking out Responses/Recommendations from my clients who have used my services and have left their comments and feedback for everyone to read.

Shooting at Night in Red Square
«Shooting at Night in Red Square» - See photo in Gallery

My second tool is the Nikon D700 SLR camera that accompanies me everywhere I go to create special and memorable pictures of my dear clients. I love digital photography and I continuously improve my photography skills while expanding my knowledge about Moscow and its history. You can take a look at the examples from my Moscow photography tours by visiting my page on Flickr or check out a collection of awesome photos in a constantly updated Moscow Photo Gallery.

Olga and Bill Rogers at St. Basils Cathedral
«Under Domes of St. Basil's cathedral» - See picture in Photo Album

When I’m not busy with my clients as a private tour guide and driver, I try to pick some captivating photos from earlier tours and upload them to my website. Every moment that I have caught on camera has a story behind it so I write captions and other interesting info to make my photos both entertaining and informative. I know all the perfect Moscow sights for scenic photos and in combination with my advanced Nikon D700 and experience as a photographer, you’ll be able to store all your valuable memories being in Russia in perfect quality and composition. Visit my portfolio on Shutterstock where you can buy my best pictures. If you are looking for the specific image, don't hesitate to contact me, probably I have one in my archives

On the way from Borodino Museum and Nature Preserve
«On the way from Borodino Museum and Nature Preserve» - See photo in Gallery

My third tool is the Honda CR-V that I have purchased new in August 2012. It is safe and it has lots of room making it an ideal transportation for anyone visiting Moscow. Usually, my introduction to the city and planning of the tour begins at the airport where I pick up my clients. If you are on a business trip then you’ll appreciate the fact that I’ve been a driver in Moscow for almost two decades now. This means that I know all the best routes and shortcuts in the city and I can even predict how long it will take to get from point A to point B, so that you are never late for your meetings.

In Conclusion…

With Fabulous Bobbi in Izmailovo Market
«With Fabulous Bobbi in Izmailovo Market» - See photo in Gallery

I am very flexible when it comes to my services and I will work with you to plan the best possible tour that suits your needs, budget, and expectations. I’m honest and reliable and even if you have just one day in Moscow at your disposal I will make sure that it will be the best day, full of excitement and memories that I will capture for you on my camera. Remember, I can be your Guide, Driver, and personal Photographer!

You're most welcome to take a look at my portfolio album, see pictures of my Dear clients, read interesting and important information that I wrote for travellers at my Travel Tips section or send me your questions or request right here, I will try to respond as soon as possible. 

With BEST Regards from Moscow, Russia
Your Personal Guide and Driver,
Arthur Lookyanov

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About Me in Short

Guide, Driver and Photographer Arthur Lookyanov

My name's Arthur Lookyanov, I'm a private tour guide, personal driver and photographer in Moscow, Russia. I work in my business and run my website Moscow-Driver.com from 2002. Read more about me and my services, check out testimonials of my former business and travel clients from all over the World, hit me up on Twitter or other social websites. I hope that you will like my photos as well.

See you in Moscow!