Colorful Stone Flower Fountain in Spring Twilight

Colorful Stone Flower Fountain in Spring Twilight
«Colorful Stone Flower Fountain in Spring Twilight»

Angle view on a huge water pool of restored “Stone Flower” fountain illuminated with colorful spotlights at nice spring evening in twilight. Cleaned and polished decorations (semi-precious stones and smalt from the Ural mountains) that cover the fountain have now vivid bright colors and attract visitors. The fountain “Stone Flower” is the one of the most beautiful and the biggest fountains in Russia that was originally built at VDNKh in 1954. Soviet architects used the name and shape of this fountain with its divine beauty from Urals fairy tales by Pavel Bazhov. The fountain sprouts out 2,000 liters of water per second through 1,000 jets. It was restored in April 2019 (this year VDNKh park and exhibition celebrates its 80th anniversary). The beautiful building of Agriculture Pavilion (until 1964 pavilion of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) is in the background of this picture.

Photo #613 taken on May 2019, 2019

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