Tolstoy’s House with Wooden Summer Terrace. View from North-West

Tolstoy’s House with Wooden Summer Terrace. View from North-West
«Tolstoy’s House with Wooden Summer Terrace. View from North-West»
The house of Leo Tolstoy had originally been a wing of the larger house, built by Tolstoy's father, where Tolstoy was born. Tolstoy was forced to sell the main part of the old house, which was dismantled and moved to another estate, leaving only the two wings. In 1856 Tolstoy left the capital of St. Petersburg and returned to Yasnaya Polyana to settle in one of the two remained wings of the old house, the north-east wing, built in the first quarter of the 19th century by his grandfather, Prince Nikolai Volkonsky. As the Tolstoy family grew various extensions were added at different times to the north-east wing. The famous writer lived here for more than fifty years and the house today is kept as it appeared when he died in 1910. On the north-west side the house is connected by an inside door to a small wooden plastered structure which used to be a pantry. From this structure runs a low brick wall with a pointed top and a gateway into the courtyard. The large wooden summer terrace was jointed to the house from its west side. Photo #165 taken on September 19, 2013 during long distance countryside tour to Yasnaya Polyana with my Dear clients from USA, Harriette and Earl Hereford. ©2013 by Arthur Lookyanov

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