Troop-carrier helicopter Piasecki H-21 "Workhorse/Shawnee" (1952)

Troop-carrier helicopter Piasecki H-21 "Workhorse/Shawnee" (1952)
«Troop-carrier helicopter Piasecki H-21 "Workhorse/Shawnee" (1952)»
The Piasecki H-21 “Workhorse/Shawnee” (also known as Vertol V-44) is an American helicopter, the fourth of a line of tandem rotor helicopters designed and built by Piasecki Helicopter (later Boeing Vertol). The strange-looking H-21 series of transport helicopters was aptly nicknamed the “Flying Banana”. It was a multi-mission helicopter, utilizing wheels, skis, or floats. The H-21 was originally developed by Piasecki as an Arctic rescue helicopter. The H-21 had winterization features permitting operation at temperatures as low as ?65 °F (?54 °C), and could be routinely maintained in severe cold weather environments. This helicopter was bought in the USA. It was tested in the Soviet Union to compare its technical characteristics with Soviet analogs.

Technical Features:

Design Bureau: Piasecki Helicopter Corporation (later Vertol Aircraft Corporation) Engines: • "Wright cyclone" engine - 1 o Engine power 235 kW (320 h.p.) Crew: 2 people Overall length: 26.24 m (86 ft) Take-off weight, kg 6800 kg (15000 lb) Payload: 1710 kg (3370 lb) Range: 1000 km (621.3 mi) Max. speed: 185 km/h (115 mph) Ceiling: 4250 m (13950 ft) Number of troopers 20 Photo #368 taken on May 31, 2013 during countryside tour to the Central Air Force Museum in Monino with my Dear Client from USA, Gene Ragan.

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