Strategic Bomber M-50 (1960) Prototype

Strategic Bomber M-50 (1960) Prototype
«Strategic Bomber M-50 (1960) Prototype»

The Myasishchev M-50 "Bounder" was a highly advanced design for a large, supersonic intercontinental bomber which never attained service. The only one prototype of the super-fast strategic bomber was constructed in Soviet Union by the Myasishchev design bureau with two engines located under the wing and two on the tips of its shoulder-mounted, truncated delta wings. From this angle it looks like super power rocket. Like most of supersonic strategic bomber projects from end of 50s – beginning of 60s, the M-50 program was terminated due to the development of the ICBMs and the priority assigned to the Soviet space program.

Technical Features:

  • Design Bureau: V. Myasishchev OKB
  • Chief Designer: G. Nazarov
  • VD-7 turbojet engines: 4 Engine Thrust: 2 x 12000 kg 2 x 1400 kg
  • Crew: 2 people
  • Take-off Weight: 200000 kg (440924 lbs)
  • Max. Range: 6000 km (3728 mi)
  • Max. Speed: 1950 km/h (1212 mph)
  • Service Ceiling: 20000 m (65616 ft)
  • Armament: • Combat Load 30000 kg (66138 lbs)

Photo #021 taken on September 22, 2008 during countryside tour to the Central Air Force Museum in Monino with my Dear Clients from USA, Sharon and Mike Bowles.

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