Under the Church Chandelier (Interior of Veronica’s Veil Church)

Under the Church Chandelier (Interior of Veronica’s Veil Church)
«Under the Church Chandelier (Interior of Veronica’s Veil Church)»

Overview of the splendid interior of the upper Church of the Icon of Our Savior Not Made by Hands (Church of Veronica’s Veil) from under impressive church chandelier (panikadilo) with numerous lights (candles in the past) that hangs on a silver chain from the dome of the church. The tower of the seventeenth century church was built by Lev Naryshkin, the owner of Kuntsevo Estate, in very popular at that time in Russia architectural style – octahedron on tetrahedron that can be perfectly seen overlooking the main tower from inside and outside the church.

At the left of the picture (at the eastern wall of the church) the top part of the church's imposing nine-tiered iconostasis rises right up to the vault's of the tower. The impressive iconostasis is covered with elaborate wooden carving that is in turn covered with gold leaf. Opposite iconostasis, at the right of this picture (at the western wall of the church), it is situated the Tsar’s pew that was intended for the owner of the estate and his royal guests.

Photo #081 taken on May 24, 2014

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