Imposing Stretched Staircase at Western Side of the Cathedral

Imposing Stretched Staircase at Western Side of the Cathedral
«Imposing Stretched Staircase at Western Side of the Cathedral»

The view on the one of two imposing staircases of the Cathedral of Intercession of the Virgin at Fili that made of white limestone and leads way to the upper church of Veronica's Veil (Church of the icon of The Savior Not Made by Hands). The unhurried rhythm of the staircases adjoining the building from west (on the picture) and south sides puts one into the right mood for the perception of a “miracle”— the interior of the church which was particularly splendid.

The lower part of the building of Intercession Cathedral made in shape of tetrahedron with the adjoining porches is placed, as if on a pedestal, on a high podklet (basement in Eastern Orthodox churches) surrounded by a promenade gallery. The measured horizontal rhythm of the gallery arches and stretched out staircases (originally, each of them had only one way down) further stresses the upward sweep. This energetic verticality is so precise and balanced because the church is made up of several tiers. Each tier, like a step, takes the onlooker’s eye further up, charms him with more architectural shapes, decorative elements, until, finally, his eye comes to rest on the central dome with a tracery cross of rare beauty on top.

Photo #239 taken on May 24, 2014 during tour of the Intercession Cathedral at Fili.

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