Lights over Sculptural Group «Sorrow»

Lights over Sculptural Group «Sorrow»
«Lights over Sculptural Group «Sorrow»»

The impressive sculptural group made of white marble Koyelga mined in the Urals and Cheliabinsk region placed in the Hall of Memory and Sorrow. It embodies all the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters mourning for their husbands, brothers and sons, killed in the war. The author of this piece of art is professor L. E. Kerbel, sculptor, Hero of Socialist Labour, People's artist of the USSR. The Hall serves to immortalize and remember the memory of 26 millions 600 thousands Soviet people perished defending our Motherland in the years of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Under the ceiling there are 2 600 000 bronze pendants with crystal "tears" symbolizing sorrow. The pendants were made by hand of soldiers of regular army and each one symbolizes souls of 10 people. The accompanying mood is created with the assistance of special lighting and music. Walls and floor are decorated with red, black and bloody-in-color marble and granite.

Photo #1020 taken on June 06, 2013 during tour of Victory Park and the Central Museum of the Great Petriotic War 1941-1945 with my Dear client from Brazil, Marcelo Ramos.

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