Flying Chariot of Glory & Memorial Plaque - Attic of Triumphal Arch

Flying Chariot of Glory & Memorial Plaque - Attic of Triumphal Arch
«Flying Chariot of Glory & Memorial Plaque - Attic of Triumphal Arch»
The top of the Arch of Triumph in Moscow is decorated by the chariot of Glory drawing by six horses. The winged Greek goddess of Victory controls the horses and her full of energy body demonstrates the proud of the victors and it seems she is in a hurry to announce to the whole world that the Russian army won the war. She turns her glance towards everyone who is going to enter the capital of Russia. By the way, this winged goddess was the main reason why the Metropolitan of Moscow did not sanctify the Triumphal Arch in 1834. At that time the mythological goddess couldn’t be sanctified by the Orthodox Church. Just above the archway on the both sides of the Triumphal Arch there are the memorial plaques with the unforgettable words of the field marshal Mikhail Kutuzov which in 1812 he addressed to the Russian troops after the great victory: "This glorious year has passed. What will not pass, what will not fall silent, are the famous deeds and feats carried out in this year. With your blood, you rescued the Fatherland. Brave and victorious troops! Each of you is the savior of the Fatherland, and Russia greets you by that name." Reading these words 200 years later people feel the same gladness and the same proud like every soldier and every officer of that war. Photo #332 taken on September 04, 2012, at the end of the day of official ceremony of opening the Arch of Triumph after general renovation in honor of 200th anniversary from Borodino Battle against Napoleon Army.

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