Snow-Covered Golden Domes of Moscow Kremlin in Twilight

Snow-Covered Golden Domes of Moscow Kremlin in Twilight
«Snow-Covered Golden Domes of Moscow Kremlin in Twilight»

The view from Soviyskaya embankment across Moskva River on the magnificent onion-shaped gilded domes (covered golden leaf) of the ancient cathedrals of Moscow Kremlin in evening twilight after heavy snowfall of the century.

At the left – domes of Blagoveschensky Sobor (Cathedral of Annunciation) constructed in 15-16 centuries. Its nine cupolas (one is hidden in the picture) represent the nine ranks of angels. At the right – domes of Uspensky Sobor (Assumption Cathedral), the main church of Moscow Kremlin built by design of Italian architect Aristotle Fioravanti in 1475-1479. It was used for coronations of Moscow Princes and Russian Tsars, inaugurations of Patriarchs of Moscow and All Russia for many centuries. The five cupolas in an Orthodox Church symbolize Jesus surrounded by the four evangelists.

Photo #378 taken on February 04, 2018

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