The Infantry Queen BMP-3 Moving Along Tverskaya Street

The Infantry Queen BMP-3 Moving Along Tverskaya Street
«The Infantry Queen BMP-3 Moving Along Tverskaya Street»

Upgraded BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle moves along Tverskaya Street for the final rehearsal of the Victory Parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War - one of the largest events in the history of modern Russia. The BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle is intended for transporting personnel of units, their fire support, destruction of openly located and sheltered manpower, anti-tank weapons, tanks, lightly armored vehicles, as well as low-speed enemy air targets.

Armed with the Soviet army in 1987, the BMP-3 is recognized as one of the best vehicles in the world in its class. Designers managed to combine firepower, mobility and security. BMP-3 is universal and suitable for various military units and combat missions. At the disposal of the Russian military today about 500 such modernized machines. It is popular in other countries, including Iraq, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates. It is also called "The Infantry Queen".


  • Crew and troopers: 10 pers.
  • Weight: 18.7 to + 2%
  • Power output: 500 hp
  • Maximum highway speed: 70 km / h
  • Maximum speed afloat: 10 km / h
  • Cruising on the highway: 600 km
  • Overcoming obstacles: wall height: 0.7 m ; ditch width: 2.5 m


  • 100-mm gun-launcher for firing guided and unguided ammunition
  • 30 mm automatic gun
  • 7.62 mm PKT machine gun
  • Smoke grenade launch system
  • Means of communication
  • VHF radio station R-173, transceiver, telephone, simplex, with frequency modulation


  • Diesel UTD-29M liquid cooling

Photo #092 taken on May 07, 2015

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