Passenger Car GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda" (1954). Front view

Passenger Car GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda" (1954). Front view
«Passenger Car GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda" (1954). Front view»

The front view of a Soviet passenger car GAZ-M-20 "Pobeda" (1954) in a GUM mall at the Red Square. The exhibition of the classic Soviet cars in GUM was organized in 2014 by Gorkyclassic project.

GAZ-M-20 “Pobeda” (The victory) is perhaps the most important milestone in the history of the Gorky brand (GAZ) and the Soviet automobile industry as a whole. This car marked a global transition from conservative carriage-like bodies to new streamlined forms that are still relevant today. M-20 became the world's first production model with a body without protruding wings. The development of the machine began even before the war, and continued only after the Battle of Stalingrad, in 1943.

Technical Features:

  • Engine - 4 cylinders / 2, 1 liters
  • Power - 50 hp Speed - 105 km/h

Photo #138 taken on August 28, 2014 during Moscow night tour with my Dear client from USA, Cecilia Choy.

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