The Crimson Red House of Nations of Russia

The Crimson Red House of Nations of Russia
«The Crimson Red House of Nations of Russia»

The view from the side of a pool of the beautiful fountain "Friendship of Nations" at VDNKh (All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of Peoples Economy) on the fragment of the fascinating 3D Mapping video show projected on the facade of the Central Pavilion of the exhibition "House of Nations of Russia" illuminated in a scorching red light during the 6th International Moscow Festival “Circle of Light”.

The jets and gold-plated female figures of the beautiful fountain lit with powerful spotlights. The statues symbolize republics of USSR. The girls dressed in national costumes of the republics of Soviet Union have gathered around the fountain in a circle dance called in Russia "khorovod".

The building "House of Nations of Russia" at VDNKh exhibition became again one the main stages during the International Festival "Circle of Light" in Moscow. The pavilion built in 1954 in wedding cake style that was popular in the middle of 20th century, at that time were also built the famous seven Stalin high-rises (“Seven Sisters”).

Photo #244 taken on September 24, 2016

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