Spasskaya Tower and Walls of Moscow Kremlin Highlighted in Blue

Spasskaya Tower and Walls of Moscow Kremlin Highlighted in Blue
«Spasskaya Tower and Walls of Moscow Kremlin Highlighted in Blue»

Powerful beams of blue light highlighted Spasskaya (Savior's) Tower and walls of Moscow Kremlin on the Red Square during the first International Festival of Light in Moscow in October 2011. The view from Lobnoye Mesto (Forum place) on the Red Square near St. Basil's Cathedral (at the left from the tower on this picture).

The Savior’s Tower is the main and most remarkable tower of Moscow Kremlin associates with Russian Big Ben. It was built under the supervision of Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari in 1491, and stands on the north-eastern side of the fortress, bordering Red Square. The tower is also famous for its chimes highlighted with bluse light on this picture. The first clock upon the Spasskaya Tower appeared in the 17th century, after the addition of a multi-tiered turret to the top of the tower. Designed by the Englishman Christopher Galloway, the clock boasted gold numerals in Old Slavonic and Arabic upon a blue background decorated with silver stars, but it eventually broke and was replaced in 1707 with Dutch chimes.

Photo #131 taken on October 22, 2011

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