Holiday Walks in Central Alley of VDNKh

Holiday Walks in Central Alley of VDNKh
«Holiday Walks in Central Alley of VDNKh»

Thousands and thousands of people came to walk in the area of VDNKh exhibition center on May 9, 2015, during celebrations of the historic 70th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany. The wheat-shape street lamps and pavilion number one of the exhibition “House of Russia’s Nations” were festively decorated with red banners with years of the anniversary 1945 -2015. In the middle of the alley were installed memory displayes dedicated to Soviet soldiers and citizens perished during long 1418 days of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

The exhibition was established in 1935 as All-Union agriculture exhibition of National Economy. During the time of USSR it was growing very fast and contains more than 80 pavillions each representing not only agriculture but many other aspects of the great economic, industrial and technical might of communism, and republic of the Soviet Union itself. On the picture is the main pavilion at this exhibition that represents Russia.

Photo #231 taken on May 09, 2015

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