Monument Fountain "Giving Water"

Monument Fountain "Giving Water"
«Monument Fountain "Giving Water"»

Sculpture of a woman sitting on her lap with arms outstretched to the side of the bay of Novorossiysk with reflection in a water pool. It is a reconstructed version of the monument-fountain "Giving Water" established in the 1970s in honor of the time when city residents coped with the problem of lack of drinking water. It is located at the place where the queues for water, which people received from tankers, lined up daily. Author of the present monument, sculptor Alexander Suvorov took into account the shortcomings of the original design and performed a new fountain of reinforced concrete and stainless steel. In its original form of 1970s (before reconstruction), the woman’s water flowed from her hands, and the sculpture was made of an iron-concrete structure (architect Gurgen Najarian and sculptor Valod Chilingaryan). But due to the fact that the fountain has never stopped its work, for 30 years it has managed to collapse greatly, that is why it was made decision for reconstruction.

Photo #224 taken on April 29, 2017

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