Honda CR-V and Moscow Kremlin

Honda CR-V and Moscow Kremlin
«Honda CR-V and Moscow Kremlin»

My personal Honda CR-V (purchased in August 2012) on Sofiyskaya embankment of Moskva River in the background of the architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin. It is the safe and comfortable compact crossover that perfectly fits for family and business use taking into account specific road conditions and traffic in Russia. Honda CR-V embraces a sophisticated and bold styling direction and has excellent outward visibility, comfort seating, significant reductions to the impact of noise, climate control that may give you the great impressions of riding for sightseeing or business meetings. Major enhancements of this vehicle include improved car-like interior comfort, a smoother and quieter ride, and more innovative features. For travelers who use to take more luggage and important things in their long-distance trips, I think that special attention must be made to a large Honda CR-V cargo area that can easily fit travel bags of different sizes. I fell in Love in this car and hope that you will like it too as well as my private guide and personal driver services!

You are Welcome to Moscow, Russia!

Photo #003 taken on August 18, 2012

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