Drawing & UA Badge From Artem Saveliev (Hansen)

Drawing & UA Badge From Artem Saveliev (Hansen)
«Drawing & UA Badge From Artem Saveliev (Hansen)»
This draft Artem Saveliev (Justin Hansen) drew in my car on the road from Domodedovo airport to Moscow. On our long way to city center, in between our friendly and funny conversations (we even were singing together some kiddy songs), I marked in a mirrow that the boy was sitting several minutes very quiet and occasionally painted something on a sheet of paper with his pencils.


  • Christie on 2010-Apr-11 04:20:11 Christie said

    I am so sorry you were used in such a sad way. I apologize on behalf of all decent adoptive parents for the actions of these people. This is HUGE news in America too.

    We have 2 daughters from Ukraine we adopted several years ago. I could not imagine in my wildest dreams sending them anywhere !

    This was a cold and callous act. Thank you for being honest and for taking good care of this child.

    How very, very sad.
  • Alex on 2010-Apr-11 12:19:55 Alex said

    I am sorry for what that violent and psychopathic single "mother" did to you and to the poor child
  • Kim on 2010-Apr-11 22:45:08 Kim said

    I am also so sorry that you were lied to and pulled into such a horrible plan by the adopted mother and grandmother. It makes me feel sick to think that someone could do such a thing. We adopted our daughter from Russia in 2008 and she is very much loved and adored.

    I want to thank you for showing little Artem kindness and compassion and for being so protective of him. I shudder to think how much worse it could have turned out if YOU were not there to look out for him. Our experience with the people of Russia were all very positive and I thank God that there are good and gracious people all over the world. There is no excuse for what this mother and grandmother did and I believe they should be prosecuted to the fullest!
  • Sue on 2010-Apr-12 00:28:29 Sue said

    Arthur, I feel so badly that you were dragged into this woman's scheme. Artem is fortunate you were the one to meet him because you took such good care of him, protecting him during the long ordeal and staying with him until he was safely on his way.

    I hope your story of the true events will be published so the media can know what a hero you were that day. Be well my friend.
  • Amy on 2010-Apr-12 03:30:04 Amy said


    As an adoptive parent of a 3 yr old daughter who is also from Vladivostok I am SHOCKED and APPALLED at the Hansen's actions. Thank you for showing him such kindness and sharing your story. I am so sorry that you were brought into such a horrible situation.
  • Dawn on 2010-Apr-12 06:49:42 Dawn said

    Although you shared the details of your story surrounding Artem with me days ago, I'm still in shock. As I sit down to read the day's events, it brings tears of sadness. The only reason I can fathom you were involved in such a scandal . . . GOD must have picked you because of your kindness and honesty, and knowing you would take the best care of this young child like no one else.

    Arthur, we cannot fully understand how you must feel but can only imagine. We will pray for you to find peace within yourself; and to understand how you are hero in many eyes. As Sue mentions above, we too, hope your story of the true events will be published so the media can know what a hero you were that day.

    Sending our love and prayers, T&D
  • Kyle and Svet on 2010-Apr-12 07:34:50 Kyle and Svet said

    Thank you for the links to your site. I will pass the word and hope that many more will see this...

    You are a good man and I was mortified my self at the thought of how lucky that someone was there to meet the boy that could be trusted...

    Kyle Keeton
  • Jessica on 2010-Apr-12 16:59:20 Jessica said

    Wow....just wow....

    This is huge news here in the US, especially among the International Adoption Community. Being an adoptive parent myself, the acts of this woman defy logic and reasoning. I am sorry that you were "dragged" into this...
  • maryanne on 2010-Apr-12 18:41:35 maryanne said

    God bless you for taking care of little Artem. Finally someone cared. I read of your goodness on Bastardette, I am a good friend of hers and active in adoption reform in the US. I also have a half-Russian niece Anya who is only a bit younger than Artem. How anyone could do that to a child is hard to understand. You are good and honorable man who did the right thing and you should be proud.
  • john Faulkner on 2010-Apr-12 20:51:53 john Faulkner said

    I for one am glad that you were dragged into this ordeal. This woman needs to be arrested for the criminal she is. Child abandonment is a crime in the state of Tennessee. Safe Harbor is a method for parents to legally abandon their unwanted child to the state. What this woman did, according to your emails, is a felony. It amounts to calling a cab for her child and expecting a total stranger to take on the responsibility for her childs welfare. Thankfully, you were there, instead of someone with less integrity. Thank you for that. Please don't think badly of all Americans because of the actions of this one disturbed woman. She is nothing more then an horrible aberration.
  • Nancy on 2010-Apr-12 21:16:04 Nancy said

    I, too, am thankful that you were there to guide and comfort this poor child. From your site and your words, you strike me as a good, decent, honorable man who should not have been put in this situation... although, for the good of the child, it is fortunate that you were there. I join others in hoping that your story of these events is given wider press coverage. Obviously, you did not abandon the child after having performed your duty, nor do I believe that you inflated the cost of your services. I sincerely hope that this will not permanently color your view of all Americans... many, like me, would love nothing more than to visit your beautiful country with all its rich history and architectural treasures. If, someday, I can afford to do so, you can be sure that I would make use of your services in a heartbeat. Thank you for all you did for Artem!
  • Laylah on 2010-Apr-12 21:28:34 Laylah said

    On behalf of all people around the world who love children, I'd like to thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and decency in taking good care of a little boy abandoned in an unfamiliar land. He was very lucky that you were there to take care of him. Thanks also for your very sensitive account of that day.
  • Annie on 2010-Apr-12 22:08:10 Annie said

    Having adopted four beautiful Russian children, I am horrified and heartsick to think about that dear little boy's ordeal. There are so many people here in the US - probably in this woman's city who would have done anything to have had the opportunity to take this little boy into their homes and family and to have given him the patient love he deserves.
  • T Alenduff on 2010-Apr-13 00:46:32 T Alenduff said

    I am so very Thankful that this young boy had you to help through this. God Bless You Sir! It is so sad this little one was treated like that. I think the 'adoptive parents' along with the 'grandmother' (and I use those names very loosely) should all be charged with child endangerment!
  • Penny on 2010-Apr-13 01:15:31 Penny said

    I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I am even more sorry that poor little Artem is being put through this. It will undoubtedly change his life forever - every action and feeling he ever has. This 'mother' and 'grandmother' (I use the words lightly)should be arrested! Their actions are dispicable. They did not rent-a-child. They promised to be his parents and to provide un-conditional love and protection.
    I feel so badly for others who are in the process of adoption as I am sure the actions of these women will not be helpful in their process.
    Please know that not all Americans are this horrible! It makes me sick to think of how they treated Artem or how all Americans must now appear to the citizens of Russia.
    You did a great thing. Thank you for taking care of Artem. You did a very honorable, loving thing for him.
  • Kerri Todd on 2010-Apr-13 05:20:55 Kerri Todd said

    I would Like to thank you for your kindness of this innocent child. Thank you for protecting him! I am from Tenesee and am apalled this happened. God bless you. I am sorry for you that you were lied to and dragged into this, however for Artem's sake, I am glad it was you. You seem like a kind and good man, and your actions were very respectable. Thank you.
  • Lisa on 2010-Apr-13 05:44:14 Lisa said

    Arthur,your actions were honorable and it is obvious that you helped Artem to stay calm as well as kept him safe. You were deceived and put into a very precarious position, but you handled it with integrity and compassion for the young boy. The world doesn't need more callousness of the type shamelessly displayed by Tory and Nancy Hansen. The world does need more kindness of the type that you selflessly diplayed when you picked up Artem at the airport and found yourself in the middle of an impossible situation. Thank you!
  • Dara on 2010-Apr-13 18:47:37 Dara said

    This story is so sad and my heart goes out to this little boy. I am thankful that you were there to meet him at the airport rather than another person who may have hurt him even more. If the mother had given birth to him she certainly could not "return" him once she did not want him anymore and it is sad that this boy had to got through this. Thank you for sharing you story with us. I hope people can separate the act of this awful women from the many loving people who wish to adopt children.
  • Bill on 2010-Apr-14 01:35:00 Bill said

    I read your story. I don't know your culture or your business practices. I hold this Nancy or Grandmother person 99.9% responsible (with maybe some of that directed at the agency that represented them in the adoption), but I can see a sliver of responsibility for you. I think your openess, and hopefully you give the 200 to the kid.. goes directly towards you pennance, you should not be further penalized. I won't thank you either, you made a mistake you did the right thing to try to make up for it, I think it should just be left there, Best Wishes
  • Karen on 2010-Apr-14 05:56:00 Karen said

    You're the only good part of this horrible story. I'm happy this poor boy was met by someone good like you but am sorry for the trouble it's causing you. Thank you for telling your story, and thank you for being one of the good guys.
  • Joseph on 2010-Apr-14 22:20:42 Joseph said

    Arthur, glad it was you that these reckless people chose to take advantage of and not some other guy. Keep your faith in humanity and everything will come out okay.
  • Malve von Hassell on 2010-Apr-14 23:34:56 Malve von Hassell said

    Dear Arthur, I am so glad you took such good care of Artem. My heart bleeds for him. I have a son who was 5.6 when I adopted him in Ukraine. I am heartbroken over this story. Please believe me that there are many wonderful families who take really good care of their children. God bless you.

  • Alison on 2010-Apr-15 00:22:35 Alison said

    People in the U.S. are furious at what this "mother" and "grandmother" did. I am an adoptive mother myself, and there is absolutely NO WAY I'd ever "return" my son. It's completely inhumane and frankly, just bizarre. Whatever problems this family was having, the mother and grandmother should have sought expert advice and medical and psychological attention. Thank goodness you took care of this boy. It's frightening to think what could have happened if he had been picked up by a bad person.
  • Don Teed on 2010-Apr-15 04:44:43 Don Teed said

    You are an ANGEL for taking care of him and giving him comfort. THANK YOU from some good Americans!
  • Mark on 2010-Apr-15 19:33:05 Mark said

    Thank you for your help to this abandoned boy
  • Melissa on 2010-Apr-15 21:26:45 Melissa said

    I just want to add my apologies for what this family dragged you into. As an American adoptive parent of a beautiful Russian girl, I can not fathom how this mother and grandmother acted so callously towards little Artem. Although you have received bad press about this, I thank God that you were there to watch over this child; I shutter to think about what might have happened had he been placed in the care of someone less scrupulous. Thank you for showing your love and concern for him.
  • Sheri on 2010-Apr-15 21:56:10 Sheri said

    Arthur - I am sorry for you that you were misled and yet happy for Artem that you were the one who was there. You went above and beyond in your care and concern for this child, showing the type of warmth and compassion that we experienced from most of the people we met when we adopted our son in 2007. The news reports I have read had not portrayed you poorly, mostly just reporting that he had been picked up and taken to the Ministry - so know that at least some of the journalists have not tried to depict you badly. I appreciate your posting this, as it shows your humanity and the other side of this tragic story.
  • astrochicks.com on 2010-Apr-16 08:24:37 astrochicks.com said

    Arthur, you're Artyom's guardian angel. Thank goodness you were the one to pick him up from the airport. I'm heartbroken at the thought of what this little boy has gone through. I only hope he can find a home that will love and take care of him.

    Thank you for being such a good man and I wish you and your family many blessings.
  • fromsporewithlove on 2010-Apr-16 17:34:59 fromsporewithlove said

    You're a hero, Arthur. Ignore all the lies spread about you. Thank you for looking out for Artyom when he most needed it. Know that his adopted mother is not a representation of all adoptive parents. There are still many good people in this world and you are one of them!
  • Mary on 2010-Apr-16 17:41:14 Mary said

    Thank you so much for all you did for this boy, and for sharing your story.

    I am a single adoptive mother to the most fabulous 3yr old Russian boy (home since January 2009). I can not imagine my life without him. I am so grateful to all the wonderful people in Russia that helped both of us through the adoption process.

    I hope this woman is punished severely for her crimes.
  • Heather on 2010-Apr-16 19:03:47 Heather said

    After seeing your interview with Ivan Watson on CNN I wrote to Backstory and asked them to forward this to you:
    "With everything that's being done internationally to protect children from exploitation and trafficking, a rejected child arrives at an airport in Russia unaccompanied by an adult, and a complete stranger is asked to meet him...

    If there is any way to relay feedback to Arthur Lookyanov, please THANK HIM for being the person who met this little boy at the airport."

    While I'm sorry to hear that you are being given a hard time by some people, I can assure you that everyone in North America is truly grateful for the fact that you were there. Just look at what he chose to share with you! Those gifts are proof that in the midst of a sad situation you made a positive impact on that little boy's life - you should be proud of that.

    As horrible as it must have been to realize that this child had been rejected,if the family wasn't capable of caring for him, perhaps he is now better off.
  • Maren on 2010-Apr-16 22:28:32 Maren said

    Dear Arthur, I hope you are feeling better as days go by. What Nancy (and Torry) Hansen did is so shocking and terrible -- but for Artyom, it is lucky that you became involved -- you clearly took such good care of him, and protected him on such a traumatic day. His drawing and gift of the airlines badge is so touching -- it brings tears to my eyes. This event exhibited some of the worst things humans are capable of -- and some of the best. You are one of the best.
  • Vlad on 2010-Apr-17 09:04:55 Vlad said

    Thanks, Arthur! Good luck!
  • Julie Molloy on 2010-Apr-17 21:52:44 Julie Molloy said

    Please accept my apology as an adoptive mother in the USA for Tory's Hansen's unacceptable behavior. Please know that adoptive families here in the USA are deeply upset by the Hansen family's awful actions. Thank you for taking such good care of Artem. You are a good, caring man. And to Artem...my heart goes out to you Artem. Know that we care about you. You are in our prayers & thoughts...we wish you well.
  • Fatehia on 2010-Apr-21 17:03:40 Fatehia said

    Thank God that you were there to stay by this boy until people figured out what to do with him. I hope that this terrible thing that happened to him will turn out to be for the best. You did a good deed; this boy needed a guardian angel.
  • Rakesh Sharma on 2010-Apr-21 19:46:10 Rakesh Sharma said

    My dear Sir:

    First and foremost,thank you so much for helping this little boy of whom I cannot stop thinking. I have been to every web site over the past few days and wished I could help him in any way. You are an angel and it is his good fortune to have met you. Do you know where he is now. Is he ok.

    Best Rgds
  • Amanda Alexander on 2010-Apr-24 08:05:38 Amanda Alexander said

    We are the parents of our almost 4 year old Russian Princess, Anna. We adopted her from Krasnoyarsk in 2008, almost 2 years ago. We just don't know how we ever got along without her- she is the light of our lives! We live in TN, the same state as Ms. Hansen- but not close to her and obviously we didn't know her. We think this is all just terrible. Their whole evil plot was awful and it's horrible that they deceived you the way they did. There are Americans that love their children (us). We hope the Russian Federation and the USA can find a better way of screening potential adoptive families. Children are a precious gift and should be treated with the utmost respect and care. We wish you the best and pray for little Artyom every day!
  • Mary Robertson on 2010-Apr-26 02:59:43 Mary Robertson said

    I am a single adoptive mom of a daughter from Ukraine and my 8 year old was adopted in 2002 from Saratov. The actions these women took have affected many, many people and will for some time to come. From you to other singles whose adoptions have been delayed or stopped due to concerns over this incident and most of all to Artem.

    Thank you for being concerned for the child and thank you for telling us more about the story with so many questions. Most people are just trying to understand because adoptive parents don't do such things.

    I hope to be able to travel back to Russia someday WITH my daughters. I will always remember the history and the beauty of Moscow and I hope that someday they are able to see their birth countries for themselves.

    Many blessings to you and to your family!
  • Kurt on 2010-Apr-30 01:44:14 Kurt said

    I think that Torry Hanson should go to prison for this. I can asure you that most people I know in the U.S. agree with me with regards to this.

    As you may or may not know, the Chinese government implemented a set of criteria that American couples (with emphasis on the word "couples") wanted to adopt Chinese children must qualify for. I strongly believe that the Russian government should implement the same set of criteria in order to prevent this kind of travesty from happening again.
  • Virginia Mannino on 2010-May-29 00:02:09 Virginia Mannino said

    ARTHUR! I just read this story, we are first shocked this happened to you (and yes, we heard about this lady who did this). She said the boy was wild & crazy. But, for anyone to just send back a child is unheard of! Arthur, thank goodness it was you that found him. I know Arthur very well. This is a man I sent thousands of dollars to (via W.Union) and he was totally honest! I'm shocked Arthur this would happen to you. We are all in support of you Arthur!
  • adult adoptee on 2010-Jun-14 06:03:55 adult adoptee said

    This story is so sad. And I question putting the boy unassisted on a plane back to Russia. But this situation of having Russian orphans with behavioral problems is out of control.

    Please see this PBS movie that came out this year called "This Emotional Life: In Search of Ourselves...and Happiness" by Dr. Daniel Gilbert. Here's a webpage about Alex, the boy adopted from Russia. It talks about how lack of physical comfort to babies and small children causes a lack of attachment.

    Watch episode or part 1. It aired on PBS, is available to watch instantly if you have a Netflix account, or you can buy the disk on Amazon. It explains how the orphanages in Russia are overcrowded and understaffed, with each nurse in charge of over a dozen children apiece. They barely have time to change and bottle the infants, and no crucial early bonding takes place.

    This is with physically healthy children. Imagine the exaggeration and complications of the scores of orphan children in Russia who have been adopted by Americans where the babies are already born with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)!

    Richard Gere, Katie Couric, Alanis Morissette, and other celebrities speak out in this movie. I can't say if what the adoptive mother and grandmother of Justin Hansen (birth name Artyom Saveliev) is right or wrong. But before jumping to conclusions and making a witchhunt out of it (which as a devoted mother was my knee-jerk reaction), please look at the bigger problem. How heartbreaking it must be to just want a child to love, be unable to have one, and then when you finally go though the process of adoption, they don't love you back. And on top of that are dangerously violent. It's definitely not the childrens fault, its the terrible hand of cards they were dealt with before they even had a chance to start life.

    But stop to consider how you - as an adoptive mother - would react to receiving hate instead of love. It must be devastating. I have a greater appreciation for what the mother must have gone through. And even more so...I feel so sorry for the boy. And all the children in this situation.

    Those children need parents. But obviously the prospective adoptive parents need to be educated in what they are undertaking. Not everyone may be cut out for such a hard path, and they should be prepared with real-life application of psychology and child development to reduce unrealistic expectations. There are so many childless couples in America looking for a child to take into their home and love. What a sad thing it would be if that option was taken away.
  • Glenn on 2010-Jul-27 02:42:17 Glenn said

    Sorry to her about the child, I just read this on your website, having toured Moscow with you I am confident you did all in your power to help out as that is the kind of person you are. Art I still owe you a post card and it is still coming to ya. Still talk about the incredible time we had together touring Moscow best regards, Glenn
  • Vernita on 2010-Jul-27 03:42:57 Vernita said

    My husband, Glenn, toured with you, and still talks about the incredible time he had! (And I have to remember to pick up the postcard he needs to send to you!) So I definitely trust that you put your heart and soul into looking after this young man. A heart-wrenching story ... having three children and a grandson, I have no idea how anyone could return a child after spending time with them. Even if there was some acting out - and maybe it should be expected considering the culture shock I'm sure there would be - you would still have time enough to develop feelings for the child! Hopefully they've found him a good home now!
  • Kaitie on 2011-Jan-04 03:19:15 Kaitie said

    The so called mother claimed to have no options,come on she lived next door to a church, she could have gone to them. She was a nurse she could have asked where to go for assistance.She just did not want help she wanted out......... She has since moved to a new location and the community refuses to file charges since they put the young man on a plane in another state. They say it happened out of their jurisdiction. As horrible as it is what happened to him, God works in wondrous ways and will turn this to the good for him. Thak you for your story, it is a comfort to know he was not overly scared and treated kindly. Have you heard any updates on what happened to him?

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