The Very Symbols and Emblems of Moscow City

The Very Symbols and Emblems of Moscow City
«The Very Symbols and Emblems of Moscow City»
The view of architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin and Red Square from Raushskaya embankment of Moscow River in a sunny autumn day. On this picture are the most famous towers and buildings of Moscow city located on Red Square. It is very easy to recognize here the most magnificent of the Kremlin towers, Spasskaya Bashnya (Savior Tower), and the very symbol and emblem of Moscow city and the most celebrated and mysterious temple in Russia, St. Basil’s Cathedral (Cathedral of Intercession of the Virgin on the Moat) with its unusual combination of domes, artful forms and overall harmony. Also here can be seen the famous Tsar tower on the kremlin wall (at the left of Spasskaya tower), Nikolskaya Bashnya (St. Nicholas Tower) (on background of the picture) and Senate building with Russian flag inside the Moscow Kremlin, behind its walls and towers. Photo #069 taken on November 01, 2013 during my work with my business clients from UK, Bryn Hossack and Andreea Dinulescu (Euromoney), near office of Gazprombank.

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