The Square “Friendship of Nations” on Easter Evening at VDNKh

The Square “Friendship of Nations” on Easter Evening at VDNKh
«The Square “Friendship of Nations” on Easter Evening at VDNKh»

Night view of impressive architectural ensemble of the fountain “Friendship of Nations” and the Pavilion #1 (Central pavilion) “House of Russia’s Nations” at VDNKh (All-Russia Exhibition Center) on one of the greatest church feasts, Easter, when Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord. In 2014 Orthodox and catholic churches celebrated in on the same day, April 20th.

The fountain "Friendship of Nations" was opened on the grounds of VDNKh in 1954 and became the symbol of development and flourishing of each socialist nation of Soviet Union. It is located in middle of former Kolhoznaya Square that in 1957 was renamed as square of Druzhby Narodov ( Friendship of Nations). The fountain is decorated with 16 gold-plated female figures representing sixteen republics of USSR demurely encircle a golden wheat sheaf.

On the background is standing illuminated at night the main pavilion of the exhibition – The House of Russia’s Nations - built in same year (1954) based on the project of architects Yu.V. Schuko and E.V. Stoliarov. The impressive building has a powerful colonnade, high-raised six-meter sculptural group, numerous bas-reliefs, 35-m broach spire crowned with the golden star.

Photo #099 taken on April 20, 2014

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