Perfomance "RozaMira" at House of Nations

Perfomance "RozaMira" at House of Nations
«Perfomance "RozaMira" at House of Nations»
On the day of Moscow City (865 anniversary) I visited with my friends All-Russia Exhibition center and we watched beautiful and impressive performance "RozaMira" (Rose of the World) at House of Russian Nations, the main building of the exhibition founded in 1939 as VDNKh (Agriculture Exhibition of Soviet Union). The plot of this performance was a concert of ethnic music of people nations who lives in Moscow, producer Katya Bochavar. All participants of "RozaMira", being constantly on scene, were like "passing" a music action as it usually accepted in many national musical traditions and city parties. Noises of the city were produced by unique musical instruments from a project by Moscow Polytechnic museum "Reconstruction of Noise" by Peter Aidu creating unique acoustic atmosphere of Giant-City.


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