Sculpture of Cupids with White Swan (Fountain)

Sculpture of Cupids with White Swan (Fountain)
«Sculpture of Cupids with White Swan (Fountain)»

At the end of 18th century an exceptionally rare item concerning the provision of water in Moscow countryside were creation two dubs on Moskva (Moscow) River and system with fountains in Arkhangelskoye Estate owned at that time by noble family of Golitsyns. In 1783 Prince Nikolay Alexeevich Golitsyn had seen the model of a novel type of pump in Stockholm and decided that he wanted a full-scale version for his gardens, so he employed the great Swedish engineer, Jonas Eric Norberg, to construct it. One of the best Italian sculpturists, D. Giromello, was invited at that time in Arkhangelskoye to create magnificent statues from marble based on Greek and Roman mythology. On the picture is sculpture group “Cupids with White Swan” that decorates a small fountain at the entrance into a Lower Terrace from middle of Big Parter, impressive by dimensions park area in front of the Great Palace that tells about nobleness and power of its owners.

Photo #389 taken on October 26, 2012 during tour of Arkhangleskoye Estate and Museum with my Dear clients from Canada, Ana Miceta.


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