Three-Tier Gilded Chandelier in Oval Room

Three-Tier Gilded Chandelier in Oval Room
«Three-Tier Gilded Chandelier in Oval Room»

During solemn evening receptions that required extra lighting, the Oval Room—the compositional center of the Grand Palace and the entire Arkhangelskoye estate—was lit up by a 132-candle molded gilt chandelier that, in spite of its size, weighs only a few kilos. It is made from papier-m?ch? and a priming mixture of alabaster and chalk, which gives the impression of gilded bronze. The base of this amazing chandelier is an openwork (filigree) bowl with palmettes and mascarones, which hangs on chains from a crown made from acanthus leaves and topped with the winged Goddess of Victory. The chandelier was acquired and installed by the owners of the estate under the dome of the Oval Room around 1860.

The second story, decorated with arches and balustrades to look like a series of small balconies, is where musicians were placed for the best acoustic effects: right under the dome of the Oval Room.

Photo #121 taken on February 03, 2015

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