Monument to Joseph Stalin Framed by Trees in Summer

Monument to Joseph Stalin Framed by Trees in Summer
«Monument to Joseph Stalin Framed by Trees in Summer»

Monument Joseph (Iosif) Vissarionovich Stalin (Dzhugashvili) (1879-1953) framed by trees in summer on the grounds of the Moscow Park of Arts “Muzeon”, the world's biggest open-air sculpture museum. The monument to the Soviet leader (1922-1953) who’s name meant "man of steel" was created in 1933 by the project of Sergey Merkurov, the prominent Soviet sculptor-monumentalist of Greek-Armenian descent. The sculptor launched his work on this image in 1930, with creating a granite bust. Later, the 32-meter monument was carved from grey-pink granite, to be erected in front of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. The smaller copy of this monument was presented at a New York exhibition, carved from a block of pink granite. It corresponds to the one exhibited in the MUSEON Arts Park in composition, technique, and size. This work is historically and culturally significant, being the memorial construction of the soviet era, on the themes of politics and ideology.

Photo #004 taken on July 05, 2019 during Moscow city tour with my Dear clients from Australia, John and Mira Garland.

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