Monument to Peter and Fevronia against Trinity Church Domes

Monument to Peter and Fevronia against  Trinity Church Domes
«Monument to Peter and Fevronia against Trinity Church Domes»

Bronze monument to the Murom saints Peter and Fevronia against the background of the onion domes of the Trinity Cathedral near the walls of the famous Trinity Monastery in early spring. The monument was unveiled in the summer of 2012 for the 5th anniversary of the official start of the celebration of the day of family, love, and fidelity. The faithful Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia are revered by the Russian Orthodox Church as patrons of marriage and family, as well as the symbols of love and fidelity. The couple died on the same day and at one o'clock, as they asked God. In 1547 they were canonized and became Orthodox patrons of the family and marriage. The relics of Saints Peter and Fevronia are kept in the Holy Trinity Monastery, founded in the 17th century. The authors of the monument were the architects, the Syagin brothers and the Honored Artist of Russia, sculptor Vladimir Surovtsev. It took about two months to molding and sculpting, the figures of Peter and Fevronia were cast in Zhukovsky (Moscow Region), and the pedestal was made of stone in St. Petersburg.

The instructive story of the faithful Peter and Fevronia is reflected in the monument in the form of symbols. Prince Peter holds a large sword in his hands, symbolizing legitimate power and fortitude, Fevronia throws a veil over her husband's shoulders, which means care and female foresight (judging by the legend, Fevronia was difficult to refuse foresight). On the reverse side of the monument, there is an interesting detail, namely, a figurine of a rabbit sitting at the feet of the spouses. The rabbit symbolizes unity with nature (I remember Fevronia was the daughter of a beekeeper), and is also a symbol of fertility. Over the two years of the monument's existence, a tradition has "stuck" to the rabbit: the animal's nose is rubbed for successful procreation and simply for luck.

Photo #026 taken on March 11 2020

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