Tractor-driver and Farm-girl Sculpture and Coat of Arms of USSR

Tractor-driver and Farm-girl Sculpture and Coat of Arms of USSR
«Tractor-driver and Farm-girl Sculpture and Coat of Arms of USSR»

Shining brightly the sculpture "Tractor Driver and Collective Farm Girl" lined with gold smalt and bas-reliefs of the symbol and flags of the republics of the USSR decorate the top of Arch of the Main Entrance Arch of VSHV (VDNKh) in 1954. A whole creative team worked on the sculpture, which gained fame as the emblem of the Exhibition, A.P. Antropov, S.D. Rabinovich, I.L. Slonim, N.L. Shtamm under the leadership of prominent sculptor Sergei Orlov whose statue of Moscow city-founder Yuri Dolgoruky stands in pride of place in front of the City Hall on Tverskaya street.

It is an interesting fact that its pre-war analog - the sculpture “Worker and Collective Farm Girl” on the 65-meter Constitution Tower near the Main Pavilion of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition of 1939 was taken as the basis for the meeting of the Main Committee of the Exhibition on July 28, 1951. The post-war symbol of the exhibition was already lined with gold smalt, shining brightly in the sun.

It is interesting that the pre-war version of the sculpture was somewhat “frivolous”: the tractor driver held a sheaf of wheat with one hand, and the collective farmer supported the waist with the other. In the post-war version, the tractor driver did not allow himself such “liberties” and held a sheaf with both hands.

Photo #012 taken on September 13, 2019 during VDNKh tour with my Dear clients from UK (India), Madhumolli and Debjit.

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