Atomic Energy (RSFSR)

The pavilion of Atomic Energy #71 was built at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of Peoples Economy (VDNKh) in 1954, according to a project developed by the Moscow architectural workshop GPI "Gorstroyproekt", near the Central Pavilion No. 1. The building was erected facing the Peoples' Friendship Square. Initially, it was intended to demonstrate the achievements of the Central Chernozem Region, but in the process of construction, it was decided to place in it the exposition "RSFSR" (the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic).

In 1959, the pavilion was redesigned for the exposition "Industry of the RSFSR", and in 1963 it housed the thematic section "Atomic Energy". All this required a significant stylistic simplification of the interiors of the building, so today we can admire only fragments of the original decoration.

The Central Chernozem Region (Chernozemie, Central Black Earth Region) is a segment of the Eurasian chernozem belt that lies within Central Russia and comprises Voronezh Oblast, Lipetsk Oblast, Belgorod Oblast, Tambov Oblast, Oryol Oblast and Kursk Oblast.

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