Model and Plan of St. Basil's Cathedral

Model and Plan of St. Basil's Cathedral
«Model and Plan of St. Basil's Cathedral»

Maps of St. Basil's Cathedral with keys of its 10 chapels and belfry. Description of the cathedral chapels with their Altar Holidays and Significance (all dates given according to the new calendar):

  • 1. Central Chapel of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin (October 14), protector of all Christians and celestial patron of Russia;
  • 2. Northern Chapel of the Holy Martyrs Cyprian and Justina (October 15): the storming and fall of Kazan;
  • 3. Northeastern Chapel of the Three Patriarchs of Constantinople: Alexander, John and Paul the New (September 12): Russians defeated a large Tartar troop led by Prince Epancha;
  • 4. Eastern Chapel of the Holy Trinity (Holy Trinity Day): glory to Our Lord;
  • 5. Southeastern Chapel of St. Alexander of Svir (September 12): Russians defeated a large Tartar troop led by Prince Epancha;
  • 6. Southern Chapel of St. Nicholas Velikoretsky (May 22, December 19): the revelation of a new miracle-working icon as a sign of St. Nicholas’ blessing of the Czar;
  • 7. Southwestern Chapel of St. Varlaam of Khutyn (November 19): possibly, in memory of Vasily III, Ivan the Terrible’s father. In his old age, Vasily III followed the tradition of Russian rulers and became a monk under the name of Varlaam;
  • 8. Western Chapel of the Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday): the cathedral’s symbolism as a new Jerusalem, both earthly and heavenl;
  • 9. Northwestern Chapel of the Holy Martyr Gregory, the Bishop and Enlightener of Armenia (October 13): a part of the Kazan fortress wall and Arsk tower captured;
  • 10. St. Basil the Blessed Church;
  • 11. Belfry.

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