The Kremlin Ruby Star on Savior’s Tower

The Kremlin Ruby Star on Savior’s Tower
«The Kremlin Ruby Star on Savior’s Tower»

One of the fascinating features of Kremlin towers are famous five-pointed stars made of ruby glass. In 1937, the five Soviet pentagonal stars lit the Moscow sky replacing the heraldic eagles, the symbol of the Russian Empire, on five main towers of Moscow Kremlin - Borovitskaya, Troitskaya, Spasskaya, Nikolskaya and Vodovzvodnaya. These stars also have several peculiar features: the distance between the ends of the beams may vary from 3,0 to 3,7 meters (10-12 feet); they change the direction they are facing depending on the direction of the wind; they weigh about 1-1,5 tons and have very power lamps installed within them to illuminate them at night, so it is no wonder that you can count all the stars standing on the Patriarchy bridge near the cathedral of Christ the Savior (about 1 km from the Kremlin) during the night tour.

Photo of the kremlin star on Spasskaya (Savoir) tower #033 taken on March 27, 2013 during Moscow by Night tour with my Dear client from Australia, Simon Blears.

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