Overview Cathedral Square from Taynitsky Garden

Overview Cathedral Square from Taynitsky Garden
«Overview Cathedral Square from Taynitsky Garden»

View on the architectural landmarks at the Cathedral Square in a distance from Taynitsky (Secret) Garden of Moscow Kremlin. In the middle of the composition stands the Faceted Chamber (15th century) with Red Porch on its left side and the one-domed church of Deposition of the Robe on the right. The ancient palace was built in the end of 15th century according to the designs of Italian architects, and served as the official throne room for Russian monarchs. On the right side of this photo, you can see the magnificent Assumption cathedral built according to the designs of another Italian architect in 1475-1479 and used for coronations. In the background, you can see the yellow building with a green roof. It is the Grand Kremlin, built in 1838-1849 and adjacent to the Palace of the Facets (Granovitaya Palata). The beautiful eleven gilded onion-shape cupolas of Terem Churches make this picture even more attractive and special.

Photo #009 taken on May 23, 2014 during tour of Moscow Kremlin grounds and cathedrals with my Dear clients from USA, Suzanne, Steve and Alex Plotkin.

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