Beautiful Onion-Shaped Domes of Kremlin Churches

Beautiful Onion-Shaped Domes of Kremlin Churches
«Beautiful Onion-Shaped Domes of Kremlin Churches»

The view of the top of Archangel Michael and Annunciation Cathedrals from Bell Tower of Ivan the Great in Moscow Kremlin on a sunny spring morning at the end of May. The beautiful onion-shaped cupolas (domes) of the churches are topped with Orthodox crosses.

The closest at the left the five-domed Archangel’s Cathedral was built in 1505-1508 by design of Italian architect, who was known in Russia under the name of Aleviz Noviy and was specially invited to Moscow from Venice to supervise the construction project. That is why on the outside, the Cathedral of Archangel Michael looks very much like a Venetian palazzo. The Cathedral is the largest royal necropolis in Russia, housing the graves of all Princes and Tsars who died between 1340 and 1696, the only later exception being Emperor Peter II, who died in 1730.

Next to the Archangel’s Cathedral, in the South-Western corner of the Cathedral Square, side by side with the Kremlin’s Grand Palace, stand a small nine-domed Annunciation Cathedral, a home church of Old Russian Great Princes and later Tsars, where wedding and baptism rituals were conducted. The cathedral was constructed in the 15th-16th centuries. The nine cupolas represent the nine ranks of angels.

Photo #046 taken on May 27, 2017

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