Marvelous «Chaika» in GUM

Marvelous «Chaika» in GUM
«Marvelous «Chaika» in GUM»

On August 10th, 2014, in the legendary GUM, an exhibition of classic Soviet cars was opened, dedicated to the anniversary of Russia’s main department store. The exhibition was organized by Gorkyclassic project, the movement of collectors and renovators of classic Soviet cars, founded in 2009, which now unites hundreds of people in different regions of Russia – from Kaliningrad to Siberia.

On this picture is the front of the famous Soviet luxury car GAZ-13 «Chaika», shining with chrome parts under glass roof of GUM building on late August evening. It is a 1959 model. The marvelous «Chaika», which translates as seagull (whose shape can be recognized on the front of the car), was frequently used for parades, as an official car for Soviet leaders and a number of these cars were ordered by KGB authorities.

More photos with technical features of different cars from this exciting collection I will soon post in a special album…

Photo #106 taken on August 28, 2014 during Moscow night tour with my Dear client from USA, Cecilia Choy.

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