Shah Diamond

Shah Diamond
«Shah Diamond»

Features: weight 88.7 carats (18 g); shape - elongated octahedron, the eight original faces of which have been replaced by fifteen facets
Origin: found in the 16th century in the minesof Golconda, an early Indian state.

This gem can be read as a book. It mainly keeps its natural shape and was only slightly faceted. A grove made close to the top of the diamond proves that it was worn on a chain. There are three inscriptions on the gem. Academician S. F. Oldenburg deciphered and interpreted them. The first one runs, Burhan-Nizam Shah II. Yearl000.' Hence it was made in 1595 AD when the gem belonged to the ruler of the Indian province Ahmandagar. This province was captured by the Great Moguls in 1595 according to the European calendar. The diamond changed hands and was brought to Delhi, so the second inscription appeared, 'Jahan Shah, the son of Jagankhir Shah'. Time passed. Delhi was defeated by Nadir Shah. The gem was captured as a trophy. Thus it emerged in Persia, and in 1824 the next owner signed it, 'The ruler Kadzhar-Fath-Ali-Shah, Sultan.' Soon after that it was brought to Russia where it acquired its name and world wide fame. It appeared in St. Petersburg in connection with a tragic event, which took place in Teheran on January 30, 1829. The Russian ambassador, writer and diplomat A.Griboyedov was assassinated by fanatics on that day. To make amends and suppress the inevitable scandal a special deputation led by Prince Khozrov-Mirza set off for the Northern Palmira. He handed one of the most valuable treasures of his father to emperor Nicholas I as a token of apology on behalf of the Shah.


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