The Great Triangle Nugget

The Great Triangle Nugget
«The Great Triangle Nugget»

Features: the world’s largest gold nugget weighting 36,2 kg (79 lb / 12.918 oz) with assay mark of 910; a total of irregular form its shape approaching the rectangular triangle with the size of the other two sides 27.5 and 31 cm. Nugget thickness of an average of 8 cm is a more or less flat, complex shape of the rock crystal gold.
Origin: mined in the Urals in 1842

Among the numerous exhibits in the Diamond Fund display an important place belongs to the unique Collection of Gold and Platinum Nuggets. A new age in the history of the Russian gold industry began in 1814 when Urals auriferous gravels began to be worked for the first time. In 1823 alone twelve gold fields were found in the vicinity of the Nizhne-Tagil factories owned by N.N.Demidov. In the southern Urals, on the bank of the River Miass an extremely rich gold field was discovered and the Tsar-Alexander mine was set up, which rewarded prospectors with many important nuggets, including the largest nugget not only in Russia, but in the whole world, the Big Triangle.

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