Christ the Savior Cathedral

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is a great monument to Russian military glory and a superb example of Russian architecture, painting, and sculpture. It had been under construction for almost 40 years.

An imperial decision to construct the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to commemorate the feat of Russian people in the Patriotic War of 1812 was made by Alexander I on December 25, 1812.

The Church of Christ the Savior became part of Russian and Moscow life as the main cathedral of the country. Its history can be divided into 3 periods.

The first period - from the idea of creation, construction and Cathedral's life until its explosion (1812 - 1931).

The second period - the explosion of the Cathedral on December 5, 1931. The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) stopped construction of the Palace of Soviets on that site, the swimming-pool "Moskva" (Moscow) in the open air replaced the Cathedral.

The third period suddenly began in 1988, when an initial group of believers appealed to their compatriots to restore the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on its former site. The Fund for Reconstruction of the Cathedral was established and a special account for donations and charity fees was opened. At the end of 1994, the concrete was poured to form stylobate of the Cathedral. The first Consecration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior by Patriarch Alexis II took place on December 31, 1999, and the first Christmas service conducted there on January 7, 2000.

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