Guarded Unknown Soldier Grave at Arsenalnaya Corner Tower

Guarded Unknown Soldier Grave at Arsenalnaya Corner Tower
«Guarded Unknown Soldier Grave at Arsenalnaya Corner Tower»

In the Upper Alexander Garden, near Kremlin wall and Arsenalnaya (Arsenal) tower it is located Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the main memorial in Russia to the Soviet soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 (WWII). It was unveiled in December 1966 when Soviet Union (USSR) celebrating the 25th anniversary of its victory over Nazi troops in the battle of Moscow. At that time the remains of the Unknown Soldier were transferred to the Alexandrovsky (Alexander) Garden from the 41st km of the Lenigradskoye Shosse (Leningrad Highway, North-West direction to St. Peterburg), where the battle took place, and reburied. The Eternal Fire of Glory was lit on the grave, coming out of the center of a bronze star. In present time the tomb is guarded in shifts (every hour from 8 AM until 8 PM) by Presidential Regiment soldiers.

The Kremlin sixteen-faceted Arsenalnaya (Arsenal) Angle Tower was built in 1492 by an Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari. It was named after the Arsenal when it was built in early 18th century by orders of Peters the Great (the yellow building on the picture behind the Kremlin wall). Originally housed as artesian well that supplied the Kremlin with water before a water supply system was built in the 17th century to draw water from the Moskva (Moscow) River.

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