Gateway Church of the Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem

Gateway Church of the Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem
«Gateway Church of the Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem»

View from the grounds of the Resurrection Monastery “New Jerusalem” on its main gate topped with the Church of the Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem. The Gate Church of the Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem was built in 1694-97 by the project of prominent Russian architect Yakov Bukhvostov.

The elegant tiered church of the Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem with a composition of "octagon on the four" is placed on wide three-span holy gates. Each span has its own name: the central arch is the Red Gate, the right is the Entrance Gate, and the left is the entrance up to the Church. Between the central and right arches in the thickness of the wall in the XIX century were arranged two chapels and an icon shop.

The tower was destroyed by Nazis in December 1941 and reconstructed after WWII in 1960-70. In the present time, after the latest great restoration works 2009-2018 of the New Jerusalem Monastery, the painted white Gateway Church of the Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem looks majestic and beautiful inviting pilgrims and visitors into the great monastery.

Photo #100 taken on May 14, 2018

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