Corner View of Renovated Church of St. Constantine & St. Helena

Corner View of Renovated Church of St. Constantine & St. Helena
«Corner View of Renovated Church of St. Constantine & St. Helena»

View from the corner of the 17th century Church of St. Constantine and St. Helena, buried in the ground as a replica of its prototype in Palestine, which was dug out of a cliff. The exterior of the church was recently renovated during the current ongoing large-scale restoration (2009-2017), but its interior is not yet finished and remains closed to visitors.

A large and ornate black marble gravestone at the left side of the church in the picture belongs to Anna Sergeevna Tsurikova (1818-1907), governor of the school in Voskresensk (former name of Istra). Before the 1917 Soviet revolution, on the grounds of the “New Jerusalem” Resurrection Monastery in Istra there was quite large cemetery of local monastic clergy and wealthy citizens who left part of their fortune or property to the monastery. After the revolution and later WWII, when German-fascist invaders blew up most of the monastery’s buildings, the graves were ruined also, and only a few gravestones survived.

Photo #056 taken on March 11, 2015


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