Blue and White Interior of Restored Resurrection Church (Side View)

Blue and White Interior of Restored Resurrection Church (Side View)
«Blue and White Interior of Restored Resurrection Church (Side View)»

The building of Resurrection Church was constructed in second half of 17th century as an exact replica of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Russian monks and architects were sent in 1656 by Moscow Patriarch Nikon to the Holy land to take sketches and plans of the famous cathedral and since 1657 already started grandiose construction of “New Jerusalem” Resurrection monastery 50 km West from Moscow city. It was built on River Istra that was renamed at that time to Jordan. Nikon did everything possible so that the new center of the Orthodox world would have its own Holy Land. However, in 1658, just two years after beginning the construction of the monastery, Nikon quarreled with Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and went into self-imposed exile to New Jerusalem. Construction restarted in 1678 and continued during the reign of the new tsar, Fyodor Alexeyevich. By this time Nikon had been deprived of his sacerdotal functions.

After destruction of the architectural ensemble by Nazi Germans in December 1941, part of ruined walls and white columns of the Resurrection church were reconstructed in Soviet times, but its interior still was in very bad shape. During the current renovation and restoration works (2009-2017) the interior of the tall church decorated with blue and white colors, frescoes, molding and golden cupola is almost already restored at the moment.

Photo #137 taken on March 11, 2015

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